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Written by C. Hetzel   
Saturday, 01 November 2003

The City of Los Angeles offers three online resources for obtaining information about properties located within the city limits. Researchers may use these resources to lookup basic property data that often forms the basis for conducting additional historical research. The data available on these sites is in part derived from the Los Angeles County Tax Assessor. The City of Los Angeles has taken this information and combined it with even more information collected and maintained by different city departments.

All three websites incorporate interactive web-based geographic information systems (GIS). These systems were independently developed by the Los Angeles Department of City Planning, the Los Angeles Department of Public Works, and the Los Angeles Information Technology Agency. You will find that each site tends to contain some duplicative information, as it has only been in the past couple years that Los Angeles has made an effort to consolidate its online resources into one system.


Maintained by the Los Angeles Department of Information Technology, iMapLA attempts to provide easy access and a visual display of City information and services as well as access to information from other government sources. iMapLA includes parcel maps and property data, elected official district maps, economic development information, and information about many municipal services, their locations and boundaries. The system is searchable by address, the accessor's parcel number (APN), intersection, council district, state assembly, state senator, and zip code. Check out the iMapLA help page to learn more about the site's functionality and how to use it.


The Zone Information and Map Access System, more commonly known as ZIMAS, is maintained by the Los Angeles Department of City Planning. This system provides users with easy-to-use automated access to parcel-based zoning information for properties throughout the city, such as zoning and general plan land use designation. More importantly, it will tell you whether or not a property is located in a Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ).

ZIMAS provides several searching tools for locating information about a property. The system is searchable by address, assessor parcel number (APN), intersection, or legal description. Results are presented in a concise, yet informative pdf formated report. A comprehensive user's guide is available at the ZIMAS website.

ZIMAS also provides the ability to view digital ortho-photography, to generate mailing labels for selected areas, or to view ownership information, but a visit to the public counters located downtown or in Van Nuys is necessary.


NavigateLA is the electronic mapping and information system used by the Los Angeles Public Works and the Building and Safety Departments to serve citizen requests for information at public counters. The system was developed as an easy to use web based application that combines the power of electronic mapping with over 400 layers of geographic information, linked databases, and reports. NavigateLA was developed by the City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works, Bureau of Engineering, using Autodesk's MapGuide web development tool.

Similar to the other two systems, NavigateLA can be searched by address, assessor parcel number (APN), and intersection, in addition to a wide range of other options. The search results include a visual display of layered property information, Public Works facilities and infrastructure (sewers, storm drains, flood control etc., etc.). These layers can be turned on and off as necessary to display only the combination of information in which one is interested. Also provided are links to various databases and reports, including data from the Los Angeles County Tax Assessor. A comprehensive user's guide is available at the NavigateLA website.

The City of Los Angeles provides several other online maps and other information resources as well. Links to these resources, including the three presented above, are available on the city's Interactive City Maps webpage.

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