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PreserveLA.com is a collection of historic preservation-related news and information gathered from a wide variety of sources across the Los Angeles area and throughout Southern California.  The mission of PreserveLA.com is to provide a resource for those interested in historic preservation, and to facilitate a greater sense of community between professionals and amateurs alike.

PreserveLA.com is a part-time project created and maintained by Christopher J. Hetzel.  Christopher is a federally qualified professional (36 CFR 61) in the fields of historic preservation, architectural history, and preservation planning with over 12 years of experience in these areas, working in Southern California and across the country.  He has worked as a historic consultant in the Los Angeles area since 1999.

Mr. Hetzel is the former Historic Preservation Officer for the City of Deadwood, South Dakota, and was previously employed as Senior Preservation Planner and Architectural Historian for Historic Resources Group in Hollywood, CA. He currently works as a Project Manager/Senior Architectural Historian for Jones & Stokes, the west coast's premier environmental consulting firm.

Did you Know?
The Santa Fe Arroyo Seco Bridge was built in 1895 and is the oldest and highest railroad bridge in Los Angeles County.