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A recent article in the LA Times highlights the historic Wilshire Ebell Theater, designed by Sumner Hunt and Silas Burns, at the corner of Wilshire and Lucerne Boulevards. Described as the "grande dame of genteel grace," the structure was built in 1927 by the Ebell Club of Los Angeles and is only one part of a 75,000 square foot Italian Renaissance style complex. The complex also includes a club wing, a garden with patio and loggia, an auditorium, a library, an art salon, a solarium, offices, dressing rooms, and a large collection of fine furnishings and art. The theater itself has played host to large number of celebrity's, including Judy Garland's first audition and Amelia Earhart's last public speech before her disappearance.

To learn more about the Ebell Club or the Wilshire Ebell Theater, visit the organization's website at: http://www.ebellla.com.

The Los Angeles Public Library also has several historic photographs of the theater, which may be viewed by doing keyword searches for the "ebell theater" or the "windsor ebell theater".


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